Cross Bone

Now you can take any data you can get your hands on and analyze it with almost no effort. Get new insights about the World around you by analyzing data that is typically out of your control � but now directly accessible with TARGIT Xbone so that you can make the most of your most limited resource: time.

Be a pirate! Navigate fast and intelligently; there sure is a BIG DATA ocean out there... ;-)

--- important technical info below ---

Requirements for using TARGIT Xbone

First run

When Xbone is run the first time, it creates a connection to the TARGIT AntServer, and restarts it. Xbone also creates the folder 'Drop Files Here' on your desktop, which is where you 'drop' your files to start using this fantastic Analytics tool.

We wish you success and encourage you to be courageous!

Now go out there and ride the waves of a full-fledged NoETL, NoSQL, in-memory, column-store, ultra-lean, self-service analytics rocket-backpack!!!

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